Switch Hub รุ่น WSC085 16Port PoE 10/100/1000Mbps + 2 SFP Uplink + 1 Console port


  • Full Gigabit Port 16 1000Mbps RJ45 ports (support PoE power supply) with 2 Gigabit SFP ports, Data transmission is not jammed.
  • Realtek chip, the performance is more stable and powerful Rcalick high-performance chip can greatly improve network data processing rate
  • AI VLAN mode: Separating 1-8 ports from cach other, can effoctively restrain network storm and improve network performance
  • AI Extend mode: Designed for moniloring application scenarios, 1-8 ports support 250 meters long distance power supply
  • AI PoE mede: automatically check, reboot the device while find it fake dead
  • AI QeS mode: video data first, more fluent transmission
  • Support Apollo Cloud Platform Onc-stop Management
  • Support cloud platform for resource visualization management of switches and downloaded P devices, make
    operation and 4 maintenance management casy


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